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Lamminsivu Oy, a trusted name in the finnish lifting business

Welcome to Lamminsivu Oy, one of the most trusted crane and lift hiring companies in Finland.

Lamminsivu Oy is your one-stop shop for all things lifting, from small scissor-lifts and mini cranes, up to 200-ton mobile cranes, the largest and the most versatile fleet within the Pirkanmaa area.

Our main objectives are providing the best quality and a professional service with state of the art machinery.

Lamminsivu Oy is also renowned for installing some of the most well known and challenging prefabricated buildings around Finland. In addition to providing installation service, We can also supply you all of the necessary equipment to successfully carry out your project.

Below you can download our latest brochure which goes through in detail our whole fleet. Unfortunately, the document is only available in Finnish. However, if you have questions, our knowledgeable staff is happy to help, also in English.

Contact us

You can reach us via email and telephone from the following numbers:
Office +358 (0)3 3142 1100

Vesa Lamminsivu +358 (0)40 552 6006 - Managing Director, Lifts, Rental

Kari Lamminsivu +358 (0)400 733 454 - Head of Prefabrication Installation

Ville Lintukanto +358 (0)50 505 7522 - Rental